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The&Partnership The&Partnership

The&Model: Blending talent and technology to power growth

The marketing landscape has changed and the way we grow brands must change with it. As the dominance of online grows, the pressure to sustain creativity across more content with less budget is the marketing challenge defining our era. Our solution is the &Model, blending talent and technology to power growth in this new world.

The &Model breaks down silos, with content inspired, created, delivered and distributed by single, integrated teams. These teams develop big, flexible creative platforms, using data dynamically to inform everything from insight to production and ensuring they never launch-and-leave, they launch-and-learn.

Ultimately, our clients benefit from a best-of-both-worlds solution: All the agility of a dedicated, customised partner, with the access to talent, tools and tech that only a global marketing group like ours can offer.

It’s already powering brands as diverse as

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