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Lepe’s Payback

Athletes with disabilities still struggle to get even a fraction of the societal support and attention that their non-disabled counterparts get, and that’s something Toyota and The&Partnership Nordics wants to make right with their newest campaign, featuring multiple Paralympic gold-medal winner Leo-Pekka Tähti.

To bring awareness to the career long hardships of athletes with disabilities, we brought back a touching letter from 1996 written by a then 13-year-old disabled high school boy. In this letter the boy asks for a grant for his family to be able to afford the high transportation costs related to his sport. This boy, Leo-Pekka Tähti, would after receiving this grant then go on to become a multiple time Paralympic gold medal winner, and a long-time brand ambassador for Toyota Finland. With the help of this story, the campaign urges young athletes with disabilities to tell their own story and to apply for a similar grant, funded by Toyota Finland.

Toyota Finland has been a sponsor of the Finnish Olympic and Paralympic Committee since 2017, as their long-term vision is to provide ever better mobility for all. With their brand platform, Beyond Zero, Toyota’s mission is to make sure that everyone in society gets to move forward with no one left behind, which is also what this campaign intends to do.

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