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Light Up Your World

After the success of last year’s campaign ‘Light up your world’ from The&Partnership, LG Electronics’ has appointed the agency for the second year running as their global creative agency for their OLED evo TV range.


Today, LG and The&Partnership launch the global integrated campaign, ‘Light up your world’, demonstrating the evolution of LG’s innovative self-lit pixel technology. The campaign will live across all LG touchpoints in 2022, from their above-the-line advertising to their owned online channels.


The global campaign features a mesmerising 80 second film, with various cut-down lengths. The film, shot by Adam Berg at Smuggler, subtly plays with the metaphor of ‘like a moth to a flame’ to demonstrate the powerful attraction of LG OLED’s light-emitting pixel technology. We see different characters from around the world in awe, transfixed by the beautiful light which shapes the world in wondrous colours. A sense of curiosity and suspense builds to then finally reveal the source of this captivating light – the market-leading LG OLED evo TV range.


The film also features a swarm of beautifully lit moths which has inspired the key visual for the whole campaign. The key visual will be featured in print, OOH and also create the screen infill for the new LG OLED evo across all channels.


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