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Light and Free-kin Tasty

The conversation around health is changing. Danone has observed a shift away from a restrictive approach to health towards a much more holistic outlook. One without unachievable standards and with an audience who are unwilling to sacrifice enjoyment for health. The light yogurt category has featured tired stereotypes and unattainable body ideals for too long, with consumers struggling to relate and the category in decline as a result.


But Danone believes that it is possible to be health-conscious without being restrictive and that it’s the duty of light food brands to provide tasty foods that help people stay on track with their goals without pressuring them to fit a mould.


Enter Light & Free with our refreshingly rebellious “Light and Free-kin Tasty” campaign.


Led by a TV spot that parodies the instantly recognisable and outdated tropes of the category, the campaign positions Light & Free as an ally for health-conscious customers. Employing an impish, ‘punk’ look and attitude across channels, the work crashes clichés (literally – watch out for flying tellys) to announce a ‘light yogurt for real tongues’ that is ‘Light and Free-kin Tasty’.


Running in the UK and Ireland, the TV and VOD spots are amplified on social, digital and shopper.

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