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Dinner for Two

TalkTalk is setting the standard for what comes as standard in a comical new spot that builds on its new ‘making sense’ brand positioning, which was launched earlier this year.


Dinner for Two sees a couple in a restaurant paying over the odds for bizarre things you would expect to get as standard.


From a charge for laying the table, to a consultation fee for asking a question about the wine, the couple are certain there’s been some kind of mistake. However, when called to the table, a self-assured and unexpectedly composed waiter delivers the news that the hidden charges revealed on the bill are, in fact, correct.


The stage is then set for the announcement that this is not the case with TalkTalk, where the things that should come as standard do come as standard, prompting the tagline: “It just makes SenseSense”.


The “SenseSense” positioning, which links seamlessly with the brand name, embodies getting everything you want from a broadband provider, and none of the stuff you don’t. In this instance, the telecoms provider nods to the common challenge people experience of paying extra for the essentials when purchasing broadband.


Spanning across TV, VOD, online video and social, the work was created by Danny O’Keeffe and Adam McGowan, and directed by Jim Gilchrist through Outsider.

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