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Are you good to go?

Argos wanted to encourage the nation to make the most of their summers-from-home and inspire their customers to seize the day.


So, we created ‘Are you good to go?’, a fun-filled campaign aiming to inspire viewers with the idea that any day can be turned into a great one with a bit of imagination and Argos’ same day home delivery.


The hero spot is set in a back garden, centering on a family trying to enjoy a sunny day. The opening scene feels very ‘every day’, even a little boring, before the sound of an Argos delivery transforms the mood bringing with it an explosion of colour, energy and positivity.


From that moment onwards the day is transformed; mum is relaxing on the costa del patio helping her daughter record her latest TikTok, while dad is reliving his glory days as a DJ. The sun is out, the toys are out and they’re having a brilliant time together.


The campaign was aimed at Argos’ core audience of families, and was the first in a series running throughout summer 2020 featuring a wide range of Argos products that can help families to make the most of the summer months.

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