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Future of Everything: Future Farm

In 2018, The Wall Street Journal launched the inaugural Future of Everything Festival in New York – a three-day exploration of what the future holds across topics such as AI, Work, Equality and Food. To help drive ticket sales and buzz for the festival in a city that has seen it all, The Journal needed something special. So, we created the Future of Everything Future Farm, both a billboard and a fully working, hydroponic freight farm – giving New Yorkers a taste of the future of farming. It was the first time a freight farm has ever been in Manhattan, it was strategically placed in bustling Soho, ensuring it was seen by the creative, fashion, and tech enthused employees of businesses in the area.


Future Farm generated significant buzz for the festival, there were thousands of daily engagements (with people passing by and seeking out the farm) and dozens of private tours. Most importantly, the festival sold out across almost every topic.

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