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The Unbreakable

Ahead of Tokyo 2020, Toyota Italy wanted to write a new chapter of the #StartYourImpossible journey, shaping a unique connection between Italian talent and Japanese tradition.


We asked seven athletes from the Toyota Team to tell us about the hardest moment they faced in their life, and then celebrated their courage by crafting the “Doroppu”: a unique work of art designed to be broken and the restored using the kintsugi technique. The cracks are filled with pure gold, because wounds are what makes us unique.


The campaign spanned across a large range of media, including a 7 episode docuseries aired on Sky channels, a social media driven campaign, a digital contest involving other 7 talents who rewrote the rules of mobility, and a special TVC made ad hoc during the lockdown. Overall the campaign has generated 7.8 M video views, with a 6.0 M engagement and a 9.7 M reach.


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