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British Gas

Straight Answers

British Gas has launched a cross-platform campaign to help households navigate the uncertainty around the energy crisis.


The campaign communicates, openly and transparently, what the company is doing to help; both through the current crisis, and also in moving the country towards greater energy stability and security in the future.


As the leader in the energy category, British Gas is taking on the responsibility to be the source of information and reassurance that people need. Creatively conceived and executed by The&Partnership and borne from deep customer insight, the data-led campaign analyses search and online behaviour as well as internal web and customer data, to identify and guide on how best to answer important questions from consumers.


Through a series of topics executed in video, social media, radio, print, OOH and media partnerships including Global, the campaign addresses consumers’ concerns with clear and direct answers, free of jargon and corporate fluff – all of which direct to a straight answers hub on the British Gas website.

British Gas

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