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Feed Your Inner Happiness

75% of adults in the UK enjoy eating yogurt. In a bid to cater to so many people with so many needs, the category has become huge – full of protein-packed, dairy free, luxurious desert, elaborately flavoured, greek, and plain yogurts. With the launch of their new master brand and having been off the air for four years, Onken needed a big brand idea that highlighted their key differentiator, taste, in an emotionally persuasive way.


As the first big pot yogurt in the UK, we’re a brand that’s always bursting with colour, flavour, and personality, so only we could and would be the unapologetic advocates of happiness. Introducing: Feed your inner happiness – a campaign focused on the joy that delicious Onken brings. The campaign centred around how hard it is to put this inner happiness into words – with TV spots comparing it to your cat – who spends most of his time treating you like their butler – finally showing you some appreciation.

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