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The&Partnership And Skittles Announce Squishy Cloudz

Introducing Skittles Squishy Cloudz – the newest product from the Skittles family that offers a completely unique eating experience with its bouncy, squidgy and squishy texture, compared to the moreish chewiness you’d expect of Skittles.


To launch the new Squishy Cloudz, we needed to dramatise the softer, squishier texture of the product, in a universally appealing way, whilst capturing the quirky personality you’d expect from Skittles.


The campaign was born out of the universal insight that when we see or hold anything squishy, we’re overcome with an irresistible urge to squish, through the absurd and wonderful world of Skittles we brought this irresistible urge to life, creating a magical talking squishy fishy who’s crying out to be squished, and when he is, releases a magical stream of Skittles Squishy Cloudz.


The campaign will go live in the UK between 11th April – 7th May, across online video (OLV) social (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)


Squish the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.


Creative Director at The&Partnership James Fernandes says: “This is totally bonkers, utterly absurd, and 100% Skittles. I couldn’t be more proud of T&P’s first creative work for Skittles”


Credit list:


Elizabeth O’Sullivan-Prentice – Senior Regional Manager Brands & Content


Agency: The & Partnership: 

James Fernandes – Creative Director 

Sam Collins andIvan Stanojevic– Creative Team 

Dominique Strouthos – Producer

Emma Kelly – Account Director 

Phil Hourdakis – Senior Account Manager

Alex Dobson – Strategy Director

Christina Fusco-House – Strategist 

Connor Wright – Project Manager 

Director: Henry Littlechild

Producer: Cal Gordon

Production Company: Burning Reel

Production Manager: Ashley Whyte

Production Assistant: Rebecca Robinson

DoP: Theo Garland

Production Designer: Vicente Ben

Sound Recordist: Bogdan Mecea 

Cast: Charles Timson


Post Production: Creep

Editor: Ben Watson

Lead VFX Artist: Becanti Wijnbergh

Colourist: Chris Bell


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