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COVID-19 lockdown has put the economic world on hold. Most industries have been highly impacted, some have had a level of activity near to zero.

In fact, in automotive industry, car manufacturers are finding themselves with a lot of stocked vehicles, to be sold.

In the meantime, people who had stayed at home for two months, in town or in the countryside, have only one thing in mind out of this lockdown: get their mobility, their loved ones, their friends back.


Toyota has been brave enough to consider that buying a car was not the priority for most people and adapted to that fact: the brand wanted to stay away from a typical promotional offer and give the right answer to their prospects who are looking for mobility first and foremost: benefit from your new Toyota right now, but begin to pay it only 6 months later, meaning the next year.


In a succession of skits, people are sharing with us what will be the first thing they do when out of this lockdown, who they are going to meet up with, where they are going to go, what they’ve missed the most these last two months.


What’s specific in this campaign, is also that it is a “100% lockdown” certified spot from creation to post-production, including the shooting which has been digital only. A production made only via video conferencing and smartphones.


The campaign has been adapted in TV, Radio, Presse, Social Media, Digital



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