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Driven by intuition

The Lexus ES is an intuitive vehicle, packed with AI-powered technology that works with the driver for superior performance. This partnership of ‘man working with machine’ product truth led us to create a campaign where the hero film would be written by a machine and directed by an Oscar-winning human.


Working with our agency partners Visual Voice, we built a bespoke Artificial Intelligence and ‘trained’ it to write the Lexus ES advert. Data included the last 15 years’ worth of Cannes-Lions-winning car and luxury advertisements, 1st party data on emotional intelligence and intuition, 3rd party ad-tracking data from Unruly and the Lexus brand guidelines. The AI then created a narrative rich in genuine human emotion and undistinguishable from something written by a human; the campaign ran on TV, cinema and online across Europe.


The campaign generated +€1 million in earned media, including features in Variety, The Daily Mail and City AM.


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