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The&Partnership and Toyota participate to the YouTube lab

Toyota and The&Partnership worked together on the YouTube lab experience, in co-construction with Google teams: 4 weeks and a limited budget to design and produce a video specifically dedicated to the YouTube ecosystem.

The YouTube lab is an opportunity for the advertiser to familiarize themselves with the codes of YouTube and the structure of its content, by offering brands an innovative creative territory that leads them to test and design new experiences in order to exchange with their audiences.

In this adventure, the agency and advertiser were driven by Fabien Olicard, a seasoned youtuber who brings his expertise to shake up the brand and offer more than advertising content: a brand content capable of generating brand love.


As part of the pre-launch of the new Toyota Yaris Cross, the goal is to showcase this new model for which Toyota has achieved the impossible: regrouping the best of Toyota into a compact SUV. A bold design, a hybrid engine that displays the best performance in its category, available in a 4×4 version… and the icing on the cake, it is certified Origin France guaranteed. The communication platform therefore imposed itself naturally: “Impossible is not French, impossible is not Yaris Cross”.


At the wheel of the SUV, 4 participants agreed to be mentalised by Fabien Olicard: to discover as much as possible about them thanks to their way of driving, does that seem impossible to you? You have to see it to believe it…


In just 1 week of media coverage, the video, which is almost 7 minutes long, was viewed 1.2 million times (with 98% visibility), 20% of which went to the end!

The average viewing time is almost 2min30 and 57% of users viewed at least 30 seconds of content – an exceptional commitment for a skippable video after 5 seconds. The campaign resulted in a 2pt increase in Toyota brand favorability.


This content is proof that by strengthening the proximity of all stakeholders, it is possible to produce relevant and effective content in a record time-budget. This operation is also at the heart of The&Partnership model, whose teams dedicated to the Toyota account are integrated at the customer (when they are not in home-office 😉)

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