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Shortlisted @TikTok Awards Germany 2022

T&P Germany has made it to the shortlist of the TikTok Awards Germany 2022 in the “Greatest Performance” category for “Toyota Deutschland goes TikTok.” With loads of creativity and brand-savvy trend awareness, our content creators generated millions of views within just a few days. Today, 12 weeks later, the channel boasts +67k followers | 716.84K reactions and over 40 million views #takingoff.


Check out our TikTok channel here


Senol Kasapoglu, Toyota Germany:


“Our TikTok channel is another step towards rejuvenating and emotionalizing the brand in Germany. The content is produced 100% targeted and up-to-date for the audience. An innovative and bold team, short decision-making processes, and access to the infrastructure at the Toyota Campus make this possible. This is unique and sets our TikTok approach apart. It’s incredible what we’ve achieved in terms of support, followers, and views in the first few weeks. It’s fun to watch our channel grow.”

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