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The&Partnership The&Partnership

We believe in the Power of &

Bringing diverse elements together, to make them stronger.

Different walks of life
and different sets of skills,
Instinct & Intelligence,
Talent & Technology,
Energy & Experience.

We believe in blending & sharing,
and that by making these connections,
we release the power of our people
and the full potential of our ideas.
In a world of silos and separation,
this only becomes more true.

1 + 1 = 2, but 1 & 1 = 3
It’s not addition, it’s alchemy!


Our Beliefs:

It’s not who you are, it’s what you bring.
‘We’ is always stronger than ‘me’.
Don’t stay put, stay curious.
Be restless, never stop asking ‘and?’.


Our mission is to make The&Partnership the most important place in our people’s careers.

When we look back at our working lives, there will be times and places that we recognise as the most formative, most important of our careers. We want to make The&Partnership that place for our people, by offering them more variety and inspiration, more opportunity and growth, than anywhere else.

The multi-disciplinary way in which we work, the breadth of our client base, our emphasis on career development, our track record of business growth – taken together these give us confidence that we can deliver on our mission for everyone who works here. And to those factors we’d add one more: our focus on purposeful growth.


Purposeful Growth

We plan to double the size of our business over the next 5 years.  But we’re determined that as we grow, we grow better. We want everyone to benefit from this growth – our people, clients, community and planet.
So our 5 year business plan includes metrics we use to ensure: 


1. Our teams represent the communities we operate in

Each agency matches the ethnic profile of the country it operates in by 2023 and of the wider region by 2025.  We’ll achieve this by partnering with organisations that help us attract talent who might not ordinarily consider a career in advertising; and just as importantly, by making ours an agency where people from all backgrounds want to stay.

2. Our culture is a place where everyone feels they belong

We are a business where 100% of colleagues say they feel ‘safe’ and over 90% say they ‘belong’, as measured by regular global colleague surveys. We achieve this in a host of different ways, including a programme that pairs junior talent from underrepresented groups with a senior leader, so they use their position of influence to promote the progress of promising diverse talent. 

3. Our ways of working are equitable and give everyone the chance to thrive

We deliver 100% pay equity, alongside practices and policies that are fair and equitable for all.  This entails ongoing pay equity analysis to ensure any disparities are identified and addressed by discipline and job level.  Onwards & Upwards, our bespoke career framework also demystifies what it takes to be successful in each role and equips individuals and managers to plan career progression.

4. Our business footprint is sustainable

We are committed to fostering a sustainable workplace and sustainable practices; both internally, and in the way we work with clients from one end of a brief to the other.

We have been working with WPP since 2006 to actively reduce the carbon emissions produced by our operations. We are now setting further targets and broadening our commitments to include the emissions produced in our supply chain, as well as those from our direct operations.


Other initiatives include implementing #ChangeTheBrief, an action focused initiative to promote sustainable lifestyles, towards a net zero world, in all media and advertising content and communications.

The Collective

This work doesn’t just come top-down.  We recognise that strong leadership is informed leadership, so we’re proud that our incredible people have created a ‘grassroots’, cross-agency, multi-market team, The Collective, to promote smart ways of working that enable everyone to be successful, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

The Collective currently represents the following pillars: ethnic diversity, gender, LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity.  The Collective is driving positive change in many ways, including participation in our hiring panels, ensuring candidates meet a broad range of people through the process, and diverse perspectives are represented in selection decisions.  The Collective has also helped spearhead a wider community across WPP to connect, celebrate and champion LGBTQ+ talent.


Here are just some of the signature initiatives we have set up to turn our purposeful growth aims into actions...

the collective
website asset 248 x 248

Partnerships and Causes we support...

lady garden
creative equals

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