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NatWest Group

We Are What We Do

In our first creative for NatWest, we are reminded that you’re never too young to start good money habits. With the bank’s free financial education programme, MoneySense, UK children aged 5-18 years, are taught how to feel money confident.


NatWest’s MoneySense educational resource helps young people understand the consequences of poor money management. The bank believes ‘We Are What We Do’ and that when we feel financially confident we can make the most of our money and consequently have more choices; the opposite being true that when we are unsure and scared of money, we make poor decisions and are consequently limited in our options. In this campaign, the emphasis is placed on the ‘We’ and ‘Do’.


Set to the memorable crowd pleaser ‘This is how we do it’, by Montel Jordan, directed by Blink Productions’ The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide, the campaign will be the biggest and most consistent that NatWest has run in four years. Adopting a truly digital first multi-channel approach using Social, AV, DOOH, Display, Press, and Radio to drive significant national scale, all of which will help to reinforce the key message that NatWest is the bank to help drive financial confidence and capability.

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